"We know the industry. We search differently."

"Most competitors are searching for the same people. We are not."

Executive Search: Our Approach

Our approach on executive search is highly tailored and personalized to the specific client needs. We use leading edge approaches and techniques, but recognize that every client and every search is different.

OnDemand – with their personalized search approach guarantees the clients access to the best candidates in the market.

OnDemand Approach

Why OnDemand Management Group

Our strengths:

  • We understand client needs due to the in-depth industry experience, i.e. we can reduce search time and client resources required
  • We believe in a proactive executive search approach, we advise and support proactively our clients during the overall search process
  • We deliver only tailored solutions
  • We have a specialized candidates portfolio with exclusively Financial Services focus


  • Various Managing Board Positions
  • Head of financial engineering
  • Various Sales and Relationship Management Positions (Asset Management, Custody Business)
  • Investment Managers (bonds /equities)
  • Consultants NPL (Non Performing Loan)
  • Specialists IAS/IFRS, Basel II, strategic controlling
  • Specialists IAS Change management
  • Institutional Sales Manager
  • High net worth bankers, family office, private banker
  • Various Operations Managers
  • Head of Controlling
  • Various Business Analysts